For cats or dogs lovers

The aim of our activity is to help you to keep memories of your beloved dog or cat with whom you spent or are still spending unforgettable moments. 

The idea came from my own experience, having share a number of years with 13 cats, three of them staying presently at home 

My first cat arrived when I was 8 years old, « Coucou », and later came « Cachou », « Ophélie la noire », « Iphigénie dite Hi-Fi », « Litchee », « Othello dit Grosloup » and « Ophélie la Birmane », Peluche, who died 19yrs old in 2018 Rosalie, who left too early not yet 11, and of course my lovely couple Odin dit « Oula Kelbocha » and « Princesse Opium ». In July 2019 Opium gave birth to 5 babies , but « Plume », too small dit not survive and is now a small star in the sky.  I got also very close to Phoenix, whose beginnings were difficult but became a strong and active cat. 

In 2020 Opium and Oula had 5 babies again and The wonderful Radjah stays with us.

Giving birth and bringing babies cats to live in a good family is one of the most precious happiness in life. .

I published in july 2020 a book  « tous les chats de ma vie and I should like to help you in a similar project. 

It is the aim of our publishing house. 

Presently we provide two collections

  • All the cats of our life
  • All the dogs of our life

Two possibilities are submitted to the writers

1- A personal book specially tailored for your needs according to text and images you can provide

2- A collective book putting together about fifteen chapters dedicated to 5 animals

We can provide Desk stop publishing and printing or if you prefer ebooks, on line selling. 

If interested, just send us a message to